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Why Harris Tweed......

Why Harris Tweed? I often get asked.

Its made in the Outer Hebrides using traditional methods, usually by one person and a loom. I find that appealing as its not all this corporate rubbish, big business that's slowly taken over the world. To find out more about it the Harris Tweed Authority (they're the bureaucrats in charge of standards), have lots of info on their page
For me it's about colour and texture.
The texture is slightly rough. Not that itchy stuff your mum used to knit you sweaters out of in the 1960's or 70's, yes you know the stuff that made you itch all over. No this is rough but soft.... haha .... Hard to explain, but it's not itchy wool.
The colours are amazing. You look at a piece and think "yes that's brown".... Then you get close up and it's got a myriad of different colours other than brown. 

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