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New design christened Lairg

Bag designs Donegal Tweed Fringe Harris Tweed Hippy chic Lairg Vintage

I originally made this design as a one off piece but then was asked if I had "other colours". I've learned a new skill in making the fringe, although I have to admit it's a palaver but the end result is worth it. The last 2 of the design I made flew out of the door within 10 mins of me posting them. Anyway I've christened it the Lairg design. Lairg is a pretty little place in the Highlands which tbh we tend to pass through sometimes stopping for a brew. I've always thought it would be interesting to explore more. 🤔

The Lairg isn't just made of Harris Tweed as the current range also has some vintage Donegal Tweed bags too.... I suppose I really should give them an Irish name but think that might be an over complication. 

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