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Local government bureaucracy - how they fail to support taxpayers.

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I've had a busy couple of weeks, not sewing, but organising our village Market. You can follow us on Fb @glenarmmarket.

I took over the market during covid as our previous organisers were shielding. We ran a couple of small ones last year and earlier this year but we're always limited due to lack of gazebos to give us covered outdoor space. Anyway thanks to a grant from Tourism NI we've bought 5 new gazebos which doubles our trader capacity from 10 to 20. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

All I need now is for our local council to get off its bum and support us by providing storage space, promised weeks ago, and allowing us to use council land on the harbour that's near derilict. Our council has had this land for sale for some 25 years..... I kid you not. They wanted to charge the community market Β£250 to run our market under gazebos on a piece of derilict land.

So on the one hand Tourism NI supports us and with the other hand the local council takes away from us. You would think 2 government accountable organisations would be able to communicate better with each other.😠

I'm not even going to get into the politics of it all! But the bureaucracy is mind boggling and I confess I cannot deal with these people without wanting to jab them in the eye with my sewing needle. I'm fortunate that we have a very diplomatic capable adult in Claire to deal with them on our behalf. ☺️

Anyway..... If you are in Northern Ireland..... Or anywhere else we would be delighted if you'd give us a follow on Facebook.Β 

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